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  • Extra large/double sided – cleans up twice as much in half the time
  • Self cleaning base –  just one dip, and both sides are cleaned up quick
  • The secret – thousands of micro bristles that act like fingers grabbing every last piece of fur or fuzz
  • No refills are ever needed – use it over and over again!
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If you have pets, you need the Magic Fur Remover. Let this fun tool tackle the im-paws-ible task of removing unwanted pet fur and lint from your cloths. Magic Fur capture fur fast and easily thanks to its double-sided wand and extra large size. It picks up fur and lint in twice the time of a one-sided lint brush. Magic Fur is a self-cleaning lint brush. One dip in the self-cleaning base removes fur from the brush.

The economical choice. You waste sheet after sheet using a standard tape lint roller. With Magic Fur Master,  you’ll never waste money on another refill again. The double-sided lint brush is reusable and easy to clean. There’s no refill, no tape, and no mess! It’s a must have for every pet guardian!

  • Reusable pet fur remover with self-cleaning base
  • Double-sided, extra-large lint brush removes fur and lint twice as fast as a one-sided lint brush
  • One dip in the self-cleaning base removes pet hair from the Magic Fur Remover lint brush
  • No refills required – there’s no tape and no mess

What’s included:

  • Magic Fur Master lint brush
  • Self-cleaning base
  • Travel-sized Magic Fur Remover

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